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Christmas Shipping

Blended in with the holiday cheer and traditional holiday shows that ignite our holiday spirit we are Grinched with holiday warnings to expect shipping delays and will be charged loan shark level express shipping rates to “kind of” guarantee (will refund your shipping cost) Christmas delivery.  But maybe we, not the shippers,  have created this problem by waiting until the last minute to overload and overwhelm Santa’s sleigh.

I can’t remember shipping problems when I was a kid mainly because all our givers and givees lived within 20-miles of each other.  Our family got together Christmas eve to exchange presents and after the circus-like celebration all traveled home to their own beds, presents in hand.

But all our cute little kids matured into adults and realized that there was a big world out there with all sorts of opportunity.  Now family has spread across the country from New York to Florida to California requiring more planning to deliver that special present–hello UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Express Mail.

In addition to our geographic family shift, our lives have become busier and taking time out of our busy schedules to shop multiple stores to maybe find that perfect gift is low on our priority list.  How many times did we have to settle for that last minute, destined to be a re-gift, item in the wrong color, size, or need.  It was amazing how good those chia pets and “naming that star” started looking the day before Christmas.  This opened the door for the Amazon model offering any item you wanted in any size or color that could be dropped at your door in two days or less.  But the system is a victim of it’s own success promising to fulfill a massive amount of orders at warp speed and as we know the faster we do anything the more chance for crashes.amazon drone cartoon

But like autos, we aren’t going to stop driving because of a few crashes when we can just get the car fixed and go around.  In today’s world of geographically challenged families and friends, shipping and traveling to loved ones is the norm so dealing with occasional shipping problems is inevitable.  It’s all worth it when you balance wayward packages with the amazing unlimited storefront in the sky—anything for anyone at any time,

So, whether I am one-clicking a gift from Amazon or sending a unique local jewel I can’t avoid the shipping crap shoot so the key is to ship early or if all else fails just celebrate Christmas a little later—” on the twentieth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” MERRY CHRISTMAS!