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Facebook Faceoff

I’m a fan of Facebook (FB) connecting me with friends and family, past and present. It allows me to support “Friends” from afar for life’s victories and bumps and FB makes sure I don’t miss sending important Birthday, Anniversary, and Holiday wishes.  It’s kind of cool to wish a High School buddy, who you haven’t seen in 50 years, Happy Birthday or adding your “Like” to 50 other well wishes.  Tallying the number of greetings is like counting candy bars after a good Halloween.  And then there are the shared posts of sad stories that rally hundreds or even millions of people to wish a total stranger well—that rocks!

In addition to the FB greetings I especially look forward to the posts on controversial issues which my amazingly diverse group of “Friends” seem to live for and passionately represent both pro and con.

  • Guns< — >No guns
  • Bomb the s_ _ _ out of them< — >hug them
  • Drill< — >Solar
  • Global warming< — >Denial
  • Build the wall< — >Amnesty
  • Embrace refugees< — >NIMBY
  • Obama Care< — >Privatize
  • Same sex marriage< — >Between man and woman
  • More entitlements< — >Less
  • Yankees< — >Mets
  • And lots more

I really don’t care which side my Facebook buddies are pitching, but some get so fired up they go for the throat with personal attacks. They should know that the attacks aren’t going to sway me or any of my strong-willed “Friends” who have stayed true to their beliefs in spite of FB posts with opposing persuasive arguments from heavy hitters like Donald Trump and Winnie the Pooh. So you might want to rethink the name-calling, insulting strategy.

“Hey you’re an ugly, stupid, bottom-feeding, loser!!”

“Well thanks that changed my mind!!”

If you’re the target of the personal attack thing, it can be bothersome and equated to Cyber-Bullying. Sometimes I’m tempted to join the attack mode and give the moron label to some of the stupid things I read and I’m sure some of my posts are deserving of a personal attack but that kind of negates the whole philosophy of the “Friend” thing. These attacks just seem to take on a life of their own and everyone forgets about the issue that started all the “sticks and stones” comments.  The battle usually escalates as Friends on both sides join the fight and it becomes a feeding frenzy of name-calling and un-friending—FUBAR!Facebook carton

I want my Friends to keep posting all the clever, attacking, emotional, ranting, brilliant, funny, or stupid posts but do not want to take sides in any personal battles. I’m not sure why anyone tolerates “Friends” “you’re stupid as dirt” insults when it’s pretty easy to keep the attacks and battles off your FB page with a few simple actions:

  1. Be selective in approving Friend requests. True “Friends” know if you’re a moron so they don’t have to publicly post that fact and will instead ridicule you with a direct message.
  2. You control the comments showing in your post so instead of letting yourself be a punching bag just “remove” any opposing comments by clicking on the x in the upper right hand corner of the poison comment.
  3. UnFriend”!

Facebook is an amazing social network that I access many times a day.  My Friends are some of the smartest and creative people, from tree-huggers to clear-cutters, brightening my days by updating life events, entertaining, and educating. I want to keep my FB page a place where we attack those who deserve it like politicians and bad dudes and give our “Friends” a bye.  So if I don’t approve your “Friend” request or “Unfriend” you, don’t take it personally because I just may not know you that well or your posts are making me crazy and I don’t want to be that Cyber-bully guy.

Christmas and Holiday gifts

fitbitSANTASince Christmas decorations are up and we all are in the giving spirit I’m going to give you a list of my favorite gifts for Christmas or whatever real or made up holiday you celebrate. It might seem early to you but maybe the people who don’t take down their colored lights are right—never too early for a holiday. You can also use this list as a guide to gift giving on all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, mother’s/father’s day, …or just because you woke up in a good mood. I have also supplied links (underlined or picture link) to amazon (my retailer of choice for a lot of good reasons) for most of these amazing gifts. I’m a very active guy so some of my gift suggestions are going to require the recipient to get off their butts. All are reasonably priced with most being under $100. I’ll give a short description and testimonial for each and then links to the products so you can see all of the cool technical and practical features. Here we go!

  • If there was only one gift in the world for me it would be a book. You give the gift of knowledge, drama, mystery, romance, adventure, history and memories—all for a reasonable price. Whenever I shop for books it always brings me back to my Cape Cod days of reading paperbacks on the beach stupidly selecting Jaws as one of my early beach reads—still reading on the beach but with an eye on the surf.
  • All my beach paperbacks are long gone to friend’s libraries or have disappeared into the book twilight zone. Now most of my reading is with e-books using the Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers which is my favorite electronic device that actually has the feel of a traditional paperback and to me is the perfect way to read books and maintain my library electronically with instant access and no book cases needed.

    My kindle has let me rediscover the classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and discovered great books like The Devil in the White City and laugh out loud books like The Shit my Dad Says. My whole library fits on this little device—love technology! It has a backlit light so I can read at night without bothering my wife (a good thing) and the innovative E-ink lets you read in the brightest of sun or light without glare. I’ll let you follow the link to see all of the cool technical features. You’ll want to add a Kindle Cover, Black, NuPro, Kindle Paperwhite Case, Kindle Touch Case, Folio, Kindle Cover. The inexpensive fabric works great to protect and feels like a book binder.
  • Amazon Prime goes hand in hand with the kindle and all of the gifts I am recommending. For $99/yr you get FREE two-day shipping for eligible purchases. Members also get access to Amazon Instant Video and the ability to borrow books for free from the prime listings. Amazon Prime more than pays for itself and the free 2 day shipping works for “prime items” no matter what the cost or size. Amazon even includes reviews of the products and alternatives to help you decide if you’re going to click that buy button. Prime buying/shipping has let me avoid crazed shoppers—packages delivered to my door. Learn more about prime membership as a gift or for yourself.

        • Since I’ve always been a dreamer and need to put my ideas on paper I carry a Canson Universal Sketch Paper Pad 5.5 x 8.5 “: 100 Sheets with me to record my creative gems before they get lost in my busy mind. I think everyone has great thoughts and dreams that should be noted in picture or word. The little sketch pad is one of my favorite gifts to give/receive and doesn’t need batteries. Make sure the sketch pad or journal you order has a binding that lets the pad lay flat for easier doodling or writing down your words of wisdom. This is a great gift for your artist, author, or dreamer.
        • I do get out of my book reading and doodling chair to walk a quick 3 miles after work and my iPod nano (you can purchase at apple store, Best Buy…) with Mediabridge Sport Armband for iPod Nano – 7th Generation (Black) and Sennheiser PMX 685i Adidas Sports In-Ear Neckband Headphones – Blacklet me escape into the world of music or listen to the news on the built in FM radio. I, like everyone, think that I have the best song playlist (heavy on 60’s, 70’s– Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, and throw in some Queen and Alan Jackson along with the comedy of Lewis Black, some bio-feedback meditation, and an occasional audio book or podcast). The iPod lets me live in my own media heaven. This package of stress relief is over the $100 dollars but worth every dime.
        • Although I love to walk, winter walks do present a problem since sundown comes early and I need to see where I’m going and more important vehicles need to see me so I don’t become a speed bump. I’ve tried all sorts of reflective gear and flashlights which help with my visibility but never quite did the job. Flashlights are great for night vision but are a pain to carry and the reflective gear like vests make you visible but don’t help you see obstacles. A google search lead to the solution—the Knuckle Lights (SILVER) which has a strap that wraps around your hand so it’s easy to carry and has three settings: high, low, and strobe. They put out plenty of light although the battery life with 2 AAA batteries is short so maybe you want to throw in a battery charger and light up someone’s life with the whole package.walking with light cartoon
        • I’ve always been a very active person and am in awe of gps watches that use satellite signals to keep track of my walking and running activities: time, distance, and pace. On my last birthday I added to my high tech activity-recording devices with the gift of a Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black which is like a pedometer on steroids without any gps satellite capabilities. It’s just a simple mechanism that magically keeps track of the steps I take recording distance walked or run, calories burned, steps climbed, how well I’m sleeping and as a bonus it gives you motivational messages and you can upload all your activity online with graphs, charts and and achievement awards. After I calibrated it by timing the steps taken in a given distance it’s as accurate as my high tech GPS watch.  I even have a helicopter award for climbing a ton of stairs—thanks Fitbit buddy. Fitbit becomes your Jiminy Cricket whispering in your ear to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Buy somebody a workout friend and motivational coach by getting them a fitbit.
        • All my mental and physical exercise makes me thirsty so I reward myself with my favorite coffee in the morning and finishing my day with a beer. You can’t go wrong with the gift of a six pack of beer, craft or basic, or a pound of coffee from your favorite bean company. I personally like Highland Gaelic Ale (brewed in Asheville, NC) and Starbucks Italian Dark Roast coffee.
        • Along with the running, drinking, walking, rocking and reading gifts you may want to give your giftee or yourself a break and entertain them. Most of us reluctantly use cable with hundreds of channel choices but actually view the traditional over-the air stations 90% of the time.  I have a busy life with the gifts I’ve listed so the monthly $150 cable fee seemed silly.  I cut the cable 2 years ago, purchased an Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna – Made in USA and now get (HD quality) the main stations, PBS (Downton Abbey), Fox, and some miscellaneous stations. Just make sure the person you are giving the antenna to or if it’s a self-gift that they/you can receive the stations before you cancel cable and this link should help.
          You also might want to package the antenna with the gift of a Roku LT Streaming Media Player to give instant access to movies and TV. Just hook it into the side of your TV and unlimited entertainment is a click away. It’s simple and has a very cool name that rolls off your tongue—RO-KU.

      • And finally my favorite gift of all time was from my wife, another book, but a very special book, that totally changed my life. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was 2 years old creating thousands of cartoons and illustrations. I stopped drawing during my college years and my construction life era. I met the love of my life and she dug up some of my old drawings and talked me into revisiting my god given talent and start drawing again. Our first Christmas together she bought me a book, 2015 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market (Artists and Graphic Designers Market), which lists hundreds of places to sell all sorts of artwork. I started by selling a few cartoons and eventually hooked up with a children’s book publisher which led to writing and illustrating over 45 coloring/activity books and I went on to a lifetime career in graphics. How’s that for a life changing gift. Inspire a creative friend or family member and get them Artist, 2015 Photographer’s Market or 2015 Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published. You may change someone’s life.

That’s my list! I use all of these products and have no problem recommending them as great gifts. Holidays and gift giving rock and if you get into it consider joining the “never take down holiday light cult” so every day can be a celebration.  Most of my links are to Amazon since they always seem to have good prices, an amazing selection, and 2 day shipping with a prime membership.  Gift giving rocks.