Ipeaked 2018

My blog, IPeaked, has had several iterations since its introduction. Now that I’m retired I’m focusing my posts on everything and anything that piques my interest. Since I am a career graphics professional most if not all of my posts will have cartoons, illustrations, animations, photos and videos.

Everything is on my radar from the good to the stupidly bad but I try to balance my posts making sure that “My World” is as positive and fun as possible since no one likes a whiner. My view of the world is a little different as per these random thoughts:

  • A lot of people in power think that they’re a whole lot more important than they really are and have forgotten the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (written on every ruler issued to students way back when).
  • Too many rich old white guys are running the country and should be replaced by the “young and smart”.
  • All seniors have a responsibility to be role models and pay it forward.
  • None of us are perfect but as I always preached to my daughter “make sure you can always look yourself in the mirror even if you have to squint”.

Hopefully you’ll have some fun reading my posts and some may even spark the activist in you to speak out for change.  I appreciate all my readers and hope you will continue to enjoy being part of the Ipeaked world.sugar cartoon