Buy the products I love

shopping cart graphicThis is a list of stuff I use and would recommend to anyone. Take a look and if you see something you like–click on the link and buy it because you deserve it.

  • Amazon Prime–for $99: free 2 day shipping, free books, movies, and TV–WHAT A DEAL!!!

  • The Fitbit One is a motivating exercise buddy recording steps, distance, stairs climbed, and calories burned. It becomes addictive and synchs to a cool online dashboard to log your activity world and more. Read my post on my Fitbit

  • My Kindle is glare-free on the beach or at night with it’s illuminated screen. It’s the size of a paperback but can hold your whole library, accessible with a click. And when you link it to your Amazon Prime account you can enjoy discounted and free books.  I’ve defeated Goldfinger with James Bond, foiled Moriarty with Sherlock Holmes, and helped the stranded Martian survive. This, like the Fitbit, becomes addictive in a good way. I find myself constantly reading and watching less TV. Get your Kindle because there are books for every taste and interest and you can open your Kindle to relax between your Fitbit walks.

  • This is by far the best microfiber cloth to clean your smartphone, tablet, or laptop touchscreen

  • Just hook the Roku up to your TV and WIFI to stream movies from Amazon, Netflix, and more

  • Be Prepared with a weather radio. This radio receives AM/FM & Weather band Alerts, charges your smartphone via USB, has Multiple power options; rechargeable batteries, hand crank, solar power, and AAA batteries, LED flashlight & emergency beacon, and Aux-input so you can use it as an external speaker.

  • The Garmin Edge 20 is a great basic bicycle GPS. Records speed, distance, and average speed all that can be uploaded to the Garmin web site for recording your rides. It’s easy to install and easily removed from the mounting bracket. I have the predecessor to this , Garmin Edge 200, with a bracket on both my road and mountain bike to use the Garmin on either.

  • Again for you active runners or walkers the Garmin GPS Forerunner recording pace/speed, running time, and distance. Wouldn’t go on a run/walk without it and it also can log your activity in the Garmin site.

  • This Wacom digital pad is the one I use to create all my illustrations/cartoons and photo edit. It takes a while to get use to the hand-eye thing drawing on the pad while looking at your computer screen. Once you get used to it you’ll never go back to paper!

  • I love my bose speaker and use it with the bluetooth or audio wire connection to listen to my ipod or get good sound out of my TV or PC.

  • My ipod Nano lets me listen to my music, audio books, and the news (with built in FM radio) anywhere from walking to traveling in the car

  • These are the headphones I use for all my activities. Great sound and hooks over the ear for those of us not compatible with those little earbuds. It’s a discontinued model, still available on Amazon, but a goodie!

  • I love books, reading everything from James Bond to historical biographies.

  • If your ready for a great entry level or pro DSLR the Canon EOS Sl-1 is my favorite. Leave it on auto or advanced settings for great photos. You’ll want to add an SD card and carrying case. After you get use to the camera add a zoom lens and you’re set.