Handicap parking

This weeks post made me see that my views can’t just be black and white. A toughidontknowmonkey realization to a guy who has gone through life assigning people and events to the good or bad camp with no tweaners. As per my description of my new blog:

I have always been a fan of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz and since fixing the world by myself is a major challenge I have created my own monkey assistants. They are the proverbial “good cop-bad cop” who unquestioningly support my opinions. Each of my posts will be accompanied by a monkey stamp; either the “just ain’t right” or “good stuff” monkey. Hopefully it will be obvious whether the post is about nitwits or heroes.

With our FUBAR, complex world I have no choice but to reassess my position that everything is good or bad and have had to add a middle ground position represented by the  “not good, not bad/I don’t know” monkey to cop out on certain things and let you judge. This week’s subject is definitely owned by the new monkey. I shot this photo at the local mall and my first impression was pretty much WTF, bring out the “just ain’t right car_4-5-13monkey”. The outlined decals on the car represent some notable accomplishments. Each represents finishing one or more running road races of that number in miles meaning the driver has finished a marathon and more. I then started thinking of possible scenarios where the car belonged in the handicap spot and was ready to assign the “good stuff” monkey. Back and forth my mind went thinking about all the controversy these spots create-who should and who shouldn’t use them. But I’m not stupid enough to say how I really feel on the World Wide Web hence the assignment of the noncommittal “I don’t know” monkey. I’ll let you fight this one out.