Global warming, climate change…?

All of us have been bombarded with the dire warnings of global warming. The problemjust ain't right monkey with the global warning thing is that it affects some very influential people’s pocketbooks. For those of you who remember the movie Jaws, the mayor let a few people be gobbled up by the shark since a warning would have hurt the tourism bottom line. Fast forward to today and I think our current versions of that mayor aren’t going to endorse the global warming, arctic ice melt, ocean rising, ocean-front property submerging concept. There are scientific experts who would swear that there is irrefutable evidence that we are screwing up the atmosphere and disturbing the natural state of things and there are just as many experts from the Jaws mayor camp that say that they are full of crap and it’s just Mother Nature acting up. So who do we believe?globalartoon

I’m a baby boom runner who remembers my northeast childhood. It was consistently warm in summer, football cool in the fall and the snow came around Christmas and melted in March to replenish the water supply and the cycle started again with an April showers bring May flowers spring. The north was cold, the arctic areas were too cold to melt, and the south was warm. I ran in all these conditions and have the receipts from the thousands of dollars of seasonal running gear which could be broken out at designated calendar points. The term global warming is misleading and weak enough for all sorts of nitwits to dispute. As soon as it’s colder than normal-“aha, where’s your global warming?” Extreme weather is a better characterization. What the Jaws disciples can’t dispute is that storms, tornadoes, and extreme temperatures are popping up in places that they shouldn’t be. It’s cold where it should be warm and extremely warm where it should be cold. In general there is a FUBAR climate change that is hard to deny.

Let me get back to my world to make my case for climate change. I moved to North Carolina in 1996 and the climate planets were still aligned. In true southern fashion summer was hot as hell and winter was warm with a couple days of really cold weather. I ran in shorts most of the year and was able to taunt my northern relatives about how cold they were and how warm we were. Well this year I’m doing more running in northern heavy winter gear and as I swipe my iPhone through the weather channel app Albany and Chapel Hill have identical temps-so much for busting on my brothers.

Neither side of the debate can dispute the data on extreme weather and diminishing arctic ice thickness. What they do differ on is the cause which gets me to my main point. Who gives a crap about the cause? Weather is changing and we have to try and fix it. Instead of blowing smoke up each other’s butts and spending a fortune on hired gun consultants who’ll swear to anything we have to look in the mirror and ask what we want for our grandkids. If there is even a chance that the bad crap we’re sending into the land, air or sea is screwing things up we have to stop. I need my grandkids to have a healthy life and to get my warm southern bragging rights back.