My 10 Commandments of Voting

I sent an email to my local councilman asking him why he was voting for an issue when 90% of his constituents were against it.  He responded that he felt that once he was elected he was given a mandate to vote his will and not necessarily in line with his constituents–WTF.  I responded that I thought that he should be polling his constituents on major issues and vote their will—of the people by the people.

His trust-me attitude is typical of what’s wrong with our broken system of government where once a candidate takes office he/she abandons us and follows the money becoming a rubber stamp for party and special interests.

All levels of government, local, state, and federal, are dysfunctional and we need new representatives who are willing to change the status quo.  Demonstrations and letters/emails to our officials demanding change are satisfying, but seem to have little effect.  Even the recent school shootings which rallied the majority of America to demand some sort of minimal national gun control failed to overcome the power of big money special interest groups.

The only solution is to VTIO (vote the idiots out).  2018 is an important year and could be a start to taking back our government.  But change only happens if we all vote and not just for the sake of voting.  The reason the dysfunctionals get elected is that we don’t pay attention and most of us don’t vote. For your vote to make a difference you have to show up and be informed especially if you want to “vote the idiots out”. 10 commandments of voting cartoon

Below I’ve put together my 10 commandments of voting that is my plan to put some of the good guys in office.

  1. Encourage young, smart people to run for office and old politicians to retire.  We must create a new election model: “voting for the best of the best” and not “the worst of the worst”.
  2. Support your candidate: financially, by campaigning, and by showing up at the polls.  I am in favor of many small grass roots contributions over large special interest, corrupting donations–BRIBES.
  3. Don’t vote for anyone with “too-good-to-be-true” campaign promises:
    • Free college for all?”
    • I’ll be too busy to play golf?”
  4. Don’t vote for anyone who has served more than three terms
  5. Don’t vote for anyone who attacks their opponent on a personal level.  The only debate should be about issues.
  6. Vote for a populist (a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people). You don’t truly represent me if your vote is dictated by special interest or political party.
  7. Vote for young and smart.  They should control their future instead of old, white, corrupt lawmakers who won’t be around.
  8. Be an informed voter by knowing the platform of both the the person you are voting for and their opponents before you get to the polls.
  9. VOTE and get as many of your friends’, neighbors and relatives out to vote.
  10. Stay involved after the elections and make sure your elected official fulfills campaign promises and votes with their constituents truly representing “the will of the people”.