Christmas Stocking Stuffer

If you or yours are runners, walkers, bikers, any kind of exerciser or wannabe exerciser and are looking for a great Christmas present, stocking stuffer or just a fun read, my book Ipeaked, A Reluctant Runner’s World is for you.  This is about my 30+ years and over 30,000 miles of Ipeaked book coverrunning.  It’s not your typical runner’s book since my passion is more about quality of life than running.  I am truly a reluctant runner who embraces and enjoys the benefits of the world of running rather than the act.  I am very competitive, but have a training regimen which keeps me fit without making exercise torture.

Meet my guardian angels, race and train with me, share my life with family and friends, and learn a few things about running (run walk method, paying forward, training schedule, how NOT to run a marathon and more), cross training (biking and swimming), first triathlon, beginning road biking, and runner gift suggestions.  I have mastered the balance of being competitive while adhering to a “don’t hurt yourself” training mantra.  It seems to have worked since I’m still at college weight, my butt hasn’t fallen off yet, and most of my family and friends are still talking to me.

Some reader reviews:

This book is well written with much humor. You can actually relate to the actions of the author and although I am not a runner after reading this book it makes me want to be one. I REALLY ENJOYED IT

This is a must read for all wanna-be road warriors and experienced runners!! I found this to be both entertaining and informative!

This was first published in Fall, 2012 but the read is timeless with a blend of motivation, advice, how-to’s, inspiration, and mostly fun with my cartoons illustrating the stories.  It’s a quick read and the paperback (kindle downloads available) can be purchased at Amazon (click here).  $10 for a unique, cool stocking-stuffer ain’t bad and with 999,500 more books sold I can hit 1,000,000!Santa leaving book in stocking