Why I’m a Dog Person

I’ve always preferred dogs to cats but respect others rabid love for the species.  Most times when I’ve encountered a cat I’ve been greeted with some belligerent hisses rather than warm fuzzy purring.  Before you defend all these cats actions by saying they have good judgement most dogs greet me with uncontrollable tail wagging and face licking.  I’ve just accepted that dogs have better taste and as far as cats go “live and let live”, making sure not to invade each other’s space.  But my opinion of cats became even shakier with a recent experience where a cat ignored the “stay out of my space” thing and I felt like I was in the middle of a “Wild Kingdom” episode.

My wife and I usually go on a run in the morning and then sit in our front porch rocking chairs to enjoy a coffee in our tranquil environment watching some Colbert videos, solving the world’s problems, and planning our day.  As the sun shined, birds sang, and butterflies danced from flower to flower, I noticed the across the street neighbor’s house cat wandering around their yard.  When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, the cute little tabby cat leaped into the air to grab a song bird right out of the air.  The bird was mortally wounded but managed to, with one last gasp, escape the cute house pet turned predator.  The bird’s flight path was a desperate effort to avoid becoming part of the food chain spiraling through the air, smashing into our house and dropping to the ground five feet in front of us. We sat there stunned as the now crazed killer raced to his prey.  But before he claimed his prize he acknowledged us with a “this is mine, don’t screw with me” hiss-growl channeling all the nastiness of your worst nightmare monster.  This cat had invaded my space.  We were frozen in a WTF just happened state as cat nonchalantly picked up his bird to feast in a more private setting.  And I’m sure after his feast this Sybil like cat morphed back into a cute house pet continuing to fake innocence and hide his killer side by cutely purring and licking, with bird breath, his owner’s faces.cat growling cartoon

And that confirms my preference for dogs!