Public Servants

I’m not sure when we elevated our elected officials to a god like status creating a pompous, self-serving breed of leaders.  There is an elitist, detached attitude that has totally ignored the fact that all our government leaders are public servants working for us.  They are not CEOs working for the benefit of the company or benevolent dictators demanding unquestioning allegiance rather they are our employees whose sole job is to ensure our health and welfare.

We should rethink the government leadership model from the local city councils to the President.  Take away their scepters and replace them with toilet brushes.  Think of the President or school board chair as the head butler on Downton Abbey whose sole job is to answer the bell when we ring it and dispatch their maids and butlers to make sure the bath water is just right.  This doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our respect and gratefulness for their service, but we must reintroduce them to their civil service job description. Servant cartoon

As in a scene from the servant’s quarters in Downton Abbey (DA) our politician’s only function is to serve and work hard for us 24-7.  They are in a service job and they should not be receiving any more benefits from their service than the butlers or maids on DA.  I’m sure that the DA group didn’t go on golfing weekends to Mar-a-Lago, have long recesses, travel on junkets, or have “I’m special” benefits like 100% health care coverage, gym memberships, or chauffeurs.  They also served at the pleasure of the family and could be fired if they weren’t providing great service (referendum and recall).  Picture the reaction if the Downton Abbey Crawley family was told that the butlers had formed a political party and decided that only certain members of the family would be served tea.

It’s time to take back our government and reprogram our lawmakers.  All our elected officials serve at the pleasure of their constituents and their only job is to fulfill our wishes.  The dysfunction and arrogance isn’t a republican or democratic thing but a symptom of the poison political environment that has evolved into a self-serving good old boys club.  Before you vote for a candidate you might want to consider if they pass the white glove test and are willing to answer the bell.