Stop Tweeting and Stay Focused

There’s always a learning curve for any new President but the Donald really needs work.  His inability to fully grasp and triage problems and stay focused on Presidential matters is FUBAR.  How can our President be tweeting about his speech crowd sizes or Celebrity Apprentice TV ratings while North Korean missiles are flying, the environment is being destroyed, health care sucks, Americans need jobs, the terrorist threat is growing, national debt is out of control, and our infrastructure is crumbling?cartoon of Trump tweeting

It’s beyond weird to read Presidential tweets attacking anyone who opposes him even when the verbal barrages often have no basis in fact and are sourced from extreme right journalists or News organizations.  If he must tweet (not sure why?) he should be sure of his facts and not promote divisiveness by authoring unsubstantiated tweets on all sorts of “out there” subjects: Obama tapping Trump Tower phones or that a huge wall will fix the immigration problem.

The Twitter world is powerful so the President should use this valuable tool wisely to promote some of his positive, proposed programs:

  • cutting drug costs
  • bringing jobs back to the good old USA
  • reducing big-city crime
  • enacting universal health care
  • repairing our infrastructure
  • controlling lobbying
  • creating a fair playing field for trade
  • protecting us from terrorism

BUT!  All the negative tweets have become the only messages we hear because they make a better news story.

History shows that a President’s main job is to instill confidence, inclusiveness, and security in our country.  Many Presidents, like Kennedy and Reagan, were popular and successful because of their positive messages to all Americans, including their opposition.  If they had access to twitter, their tweets would have been very Presidential: “Tear down this wall!” (not build!) and “… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” as opposed to our current Presidents version of warm and fuzzy: “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”.

The President’s tweets have become a real-life version of Saturday Night Live.  It’s time for the President to put all his energy into “making the country great again” rather than just tweeting sensationalized story lines based on rumor and innuendo!  Actions speak louder than words (especially tweets) so it’s time for our 45th President to focus on fixing our problems and not tweet his way to number 45 in the ranking of Presidents.

2 thoughts on “Stop Tweeting and Stay Focused

  1. Jim Cornell

    Very rational argument. However Trump is a seriously damaged human being. He lives in a world constructed around his narcissistic perspective and is incapable of seeing anyone else’s. There lies the true danger of this man. We must stop responding to him as though he is rational and instead create circumstances that will thwart and stymie him.

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