Drawing with a Digital Pad

I’ve written over 110 posts since I started my Ipeaked blog and most have included an Wacom digital padillustration or cartoon. I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and am lucky enough to have been able to make a career out of my talent and I still have a passion to “draw”.

I started with pencil, pen, or brush on paper. There were a lot of almost-masterpieces filling up my wastebasket before my final illustration was ready to be scanned and printed.  Then, not so long ago, the world changed and my drawings were being distributed electronically on the internet.  In spite of the new digital publishing environment I was still creating on paper so my artwork continued to be scanned and saved in a format friendly to the new electronic world. The scanning thing is always a potential problem in how colors are interpreted and the clarity of the final output.

But the nature of our technological world is to solve problems—hello digital pads like Wacom. Swasey cartoonThe digital pad eliminates the scanning step by letting you create directly on your computer relegating those wastebaskets full of almost-done-before-a-whoops drawings to dinosaur status.  This tech is to an artist like the transition from a typewriter to a computer was for writers.

Instead of writing about this game changing technology I’ve created a video showing you how these magical digital pads work. The tablets are a must-have in this digital age for both professional illustrators and anyone who has ever doodled since I truly believe that all of you are artists. ENJOY!